November has been pretty busy for me as well as the previous months. I haven't been noticing how days went by so fast like a whirl wind. I mean, it's already November? and I haven't updated my blog for like three months already?! Promise, I have a bunch of drafts waiting to be published but I think publishing them now is very irrelevant already. I don't know. I have so many things to accomplish especially this month. College applications are piling up, papers needed to be submitted. But hey, I ain't complaining. I honestly enjoy the process of it all (besides all the stress it gives me). Hay, I don't know what this post will be. This probably will be rambles of anything and everything.

Just Good Things

Note: this post is photo-heavy. A month passed since my last post and it seemed like it was a very short period of time but it wasn't, really. I've been meaning to spare some of my time to have this blog updated. I tried, though but nothing came to fruition. Since it's a Friday and this post is long overdue, this better be published! Hahaha. This is very random. Just good things ahead! 

I Left My Heart in Baguio

Have you ever gone somewhere where you feel like you badly want to return immediately? Like, you are so attached and you miss it so much. For me, that is Baguio. I've been to Baguio once for Panagbenga Festival last year. I wasn't expecting to like love it this much. For some, Baguio is a great destination because of its cold weather and cheap fresh strawberries or because it is said to be the summer capital of the Philippines. But for me, it is the place to be.

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Of Kung Paano Maghiwalay, Geofilter, and other things

I am not supposed to publish another post this week. I'm just too happy. Plain happy about this day. You'll know why in the latter part of this post. Anyway, I'll just dump everything here.


There is but one reason behind this:1 word. Respect. Respect for the arts, the artists, intellectual property rights, and the industry.

It all started last year in Cinemalaya**. We were in CCP for Pasinaya that time and out of nowhere, I remembered Cinemalaya. The first ever film festival I've been to. The reason why we decided to attend our first film fest was out of pure curiosity. We found ourselves enjoying in CCP, too. I did not know it will greatly shape the way I see the arts in general.

Metro Manila, Philippines

Travel Film: Marinduque, PH

Here's a 1 minute and 40 seconds of my Marinduque trip *more like our beach trip in Marinduque*. I hope you can give it some love and leave some comments. Please watch it in 1080p! :)

Marinduque, Philippines