What High School Life Has Taught Me

Another school year has just ended. Ahhhh! This school year is indeed rough for me, honestly. This school year is much different from the past school years. This one offered so many things from different kinds of experiences to different environments I had to cope up abruptly. I've been to so many trials when it comes to friendship and also with academics. 10 months of random experiences with different types of person.
1. Competitions
Competition with academics will always be part of it. We all know that. But not to the extent of affecting your friendship with others. Learn not to circulate your life with the academic competitions.

2. One or two is better than 10
Most important lesson. Having a large "tropa" is not an advantage but sometimes a disadvantage. It's not about the quantity but more of who will be at your back during your dark times. Remember, there are 2 types of friends. The one who will always be there for you and the other one who is just present during those happy moments of your life. You choose. Sometimes, they are just dressed as friend.

3. Be true to yourself.
There's nothing more or less.

4. Don't mind them. It will just stress you out.
If you have classmates who really annoy you too much, I learned that it's better not to mind them anymore. There's something more worth of your precious time. Don't let them pester your mind.

5. Gossips everywhere
If it has nothing about you, better leave those issues aside. It has nothing to do with your life right?

6. Being literally alone doesn't make you less of a person but more of being courageous.
When I was on my freshman and sophomore years, I knew how hard it is to be alone. Sometimes, I chose not to eat because I had no one to company me to the canteen. But then I learned that I should learn how to stand up for myself. I gained my self confidence which helped me to accept the fact that being alone brought me so much improvement. Others might think the reason why you are alone because your friends left you or so. But you have to keep going. Don't be down graded and feel sorry for yourself. At first hand, it's really hard to show your face to your old friends. Yeah, it's hard but again being alone is sometimes needed. You don't need couple of fake friends to complete you but being with yourself and staying true is much enough than you think.

7. People change and everything around you.
Don't be surprised by this fact. Delta is constant, in science. With the constant change that happens, your friend might as well leave you hanging. Change. Change. Change. It's inevitable.

8. Be strong for yourself.
If you are on your darkest days, it will help you to move forward. No one else will stand up for yourself because it's just you, yourself who understands your current situation.

9. Keep your words safe
Making gossips where your classmates can easily hear what you are talking about can lead to something worse. You have to keep your words private and filter em out. Be sensitive on what people might feel towards the words you utter.

10. Issue on lack of unity
I have finally concluded, our batch is not united. Being united is a working process. It's not just going into an outing with the whole batch. No, you cannot call that united? A process of accepting each and every one. And I guess that is the thing we never ever tried to do--accept one another. No doubts.

11. Everybody else will talk at your back.
And talking at their backs too will not stop them. You are just showing such childish act and how you lower down to the level of insecure people. When you knew they are talking at your back, let them be. People who nitpick at someone are losers and live sad lives. They have nothing sensible to do with their lives.

12. Have your own outlet of feelings and thoughts...other than your friends
When you have 1 or 2 friend/s, when you are having bad moments with them. You just cannot tell them directly what is it. You have to have an outlet. Keep a diary. Put all your emotions into words. It's really helpful. It's a vent and afterwards, you'll feel much more calm.

This list is not enough to contain all the stuff I learned but everything above are the ones that made impact on my high school life and the ones that is really helpful for me. Learning never stops. It might offer us something negative but it has to be counted as a beautiful mistake.

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