How To Improve: Instagram Feed

Notice: I'm going through my old blog posts and I'm trying to edit them because they're hell of a crap! So please spare me from all the crappiness here. 

Instagram has been one of our most used app. Instagram has made us all photographers. Today, many of us are fond of taking selfies, ootds, foods, and everything around us.  Instagram is not just a simple application where you post random photos. But for others, a portfolio. 

But for now, that is not the focus of this post. Instagrammers  (as what the natives called it) has been too conscious of  how their feed will look like. Note: the totality of the feed. But then, it will never be totally complete without the help of each photo. Each photo has to connect with one another. It has to be uniform.

On posting photos, if you are following a certain theme, you should follow the uniformity so your feed will not be ruined. It's still your choice. Think first. It might ruin your feed.

But I guess being on the Instagram Feed trend is okay. As long as you don't use other's photo. You just have to make yours more creative.

Here are some helpful tips on how to improve yours. (Not a pro!)

I think this one is a must. Well, for me. iPhone's camera is really nice. It captures crisp photos. Plus it's clear. Now, there are DSLR with built in WiFi so you can easily transfer photos to your phone.
Knowing the right filter for the right photo. Others prefer to use on filter. But then, I think each photo has their own beauty which also corresponds to the right filter. You can also do some adjustments to make it look better.
To also avoid your own shadow, you must face the right sunlight/light source. This also make the photo clearer. But if you have no choice, you can use your flash but don't expect for a nice quality photo. (well, for some.)

Don't post photos consecutively. Wait for a couple of minutes. There's a high possibility they will get annoyed leaving your photos with less likes.

    Choose the perfect subject! You have to remember that you are working on a square. Make sure your subject is with in. And if you are using raw images which are normally rectangle, you can experiment and see which is better.

    Gah, don't use so much tags. Like it's one inch thick! Use relevant tags. Plus, on putting captions, I think it would be nice if the caption has something to do with the photo.

    It explains it everything up there.

      So I guess, I helped you even just a bit! I know tons of posts like this are around, but nevermind! I hope I made sense here. Thank you for dropping by! 

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