How To: Fake Calligraphy

Notice: I'm going through my old blog posts and I'm trying to edit them because they're hell of a crap! So please spare me from all the crappiness here.

Others call this as cheating calligraphy or faux calligraphy. So what is the purpose of fake calligraphy? If you have mastered the art of faux calligraphy, it will be much easier for you to work on irregular spaces or platforms. Not all the time your dip pen can do your work. For me, learning the faux calligraphy is fundamental. This is not illegal or what but this is still calligraphy but without a dip pen but instead with the use of pen only. One thing, this is really time consuming. When you are using a dip pen, when you start to write, it already gives the thick down stokes unlike here, it has two more steps before you achieve that "calligraphy look."

First thing, you just have to write in cursive, of course. If you had the Palmer handwriting way back on your grade school years, apply it! Also try different strokes.
Next step, you have to identify the down strokes. I used G-Tec 0.3 to draw the thin lines because when I use the 0.5 pen, I shake. Bummer. If you are not sure of the down strokes, it is when you drag your pen down, that's it. (hahaha what)
Take a closer look
Finally, you can now start filing up the spaces! And that's it!
Why did I decide to practice faux calligraphy first before buying dip pens? Because when the time I wanted to start calligraphy I had doubts, like, calligraphy might be darn hard and I can't get the hang of it. Because really, calligraphy nibs are expensive. So I decided to practice first and now, I'm planning to have my own dip pens! When you are still in doubt, don't just take plunge on it. Later on, you might regret investing on the materials which you cannot simply use.

Most of the time, I practice when I'm on class. Almost everyday I'm writing anything and give it away. Due to the lack of practice, it's harder for me this time. When you practice every know and then, you'll get the hang of it and it seems so easy and natural way of handwriting.

Tip: Always practice. Always. Patience is a virtue. Over time, you'll see progress on your works. If you are to buy a gel pen, just buy the cheapest available on the market. Most of the time, the ink is depleted due to the shading part.
How I did it:
1. Scan it in a high resolution. When you scan it in a high res, when you stretch it, it won't be blurred. Work on a white/clean paper.
2. Edit it through Adobe PS. Remove the background of your scanned work. From there, you can adjust the color or so and you can also fill the spaces. You can also adjust the spaces between words. Perks.
3. Search for a nice background where you will place your work. Don't forget to give credits! :)

I would love to see your works too :) It only takes a lot of practice and tons of practice. Enjoy!

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