Life in Grid

Being a huge couch potato is no joke. I mean, not so productive day consists of watching TV, binging in a bowl of junk foods, mobile phones 24/7. Summer is about to end. I still feel like extending it. I just don't like school that much. I'm already GRADE 10 this school year (without that freaking K-12 we should be graduating. But K-12 is good for those who aren't sure what to take for their college!)
Kuya brought home a bouquet of pink roses for mom because it's my parent's wedding anniversary!
Cute pineapples wearing dad's authentic RayBan! I had to immediately shoot with it and also the pink roses!
Dangwa's finest flowers at it's lowest prices!
Loving my new mandals. Sorry for my huge feet! Go-to outfit: baggy pants then mandals! I have a thing for baggy pants now!
Spontaneous road trips with my family
Availing the buy one take one on Starbucks with Kuya (c/o planner's coupon!)
Perfect view while the sun is setting!
Tried for the first time Tagaytay's Mashroomburger! It's a must try!
Discovering new foods
How interesting my life could get! Btw, I want to thank ifttt for making my life easier on posting blog updates on tumblr and twitter! Have a great Sunday!

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