Our Better World

Our Better World is an organization who spreads great stories from different parts of the world, they empower us to do inspiring acts. OBW knocks on our hearts to do good deeds and tell inspiring stories. Here's a short background of what they do and what they stand for:

We unearth stories of people doing good in Asia. We share them with all of you around the world.
That's because we believe stories have the power to inspire you to come alongside and contribute in meaningful ways. Through stories, we connect you with others: those doing good who can use mass support, storytellers who need their stories shared, and those who'd love to help but don't know how to get involved. We try to build an engaged global community, contributing skills, resources, time and effort to improve the lives of those who are helped and those who are helping. We stir compassion and encourage hope. We want to empower you with the conviction that you can contribute to the greater good. Every act counts. Nothing is too small. Together, we can make a real difference in people's lives. Our Better World is a digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), which brings world communities together to do good. We are a part of SIF’s efforts to enrich lives and effect positive change through shared ideas, skills and experiences.
On twitter, they had the campaign entitled: A-Z stories for Good where they ask question and you are to respond to those interesting and empowering prompts. Every time you respond to one of their question of the day, you'll get a digital gift plus something special! No, it's not about the perks or freebies you receive that will make you want to respond to them. In spite of that, it's about the thought that you matter to them, they respect your answers and it's a good place to share your thoughts.

To Change or Accept the world?

I want to share to everyone my answer. I want to make a stand. In my opinion, it's better to change the world. Everyone of us has the capacity to change the world. It doesn't mean doing drastic changes but changes within us. We should never settle for what our world currently is. We have the power do small good acts of kindness to those strangers. To inspire those people around us. And by that, slowly, without our knowledge, the world we're living changes--for the good. Nothing is damn hard if we want change. I guess "change goes on and on" does not apply to this. Change will not start if we don't take one step forward. We all have the power in our own hands to start making that small leap if we will to. With the positive changes we bring, we make it a better place for us to live.

What will you say yes to today?
When this question was asked, I didn't think of any other deep answers but C H A N G E. Before, for me, change was not an important fact or what. But as time goes by, I got to realize the importance of changes in us. Without change, we cannot be better persons today. Without changes, we won't grow. I say yes to changes because I believe that saying yes to changes is an act of bravery. Most of us is afraid of changes but we should never be, better yet embrace changes whole heatedly. It might be a better door or improvement. Who knows?

We have to change the world. We have to make a difference. Our world yearns for a good change.
I got these just today! It's finally on my hands. Straight from Singapore. I love it whenever I receive packages most especially when they came from somewhere international. (Free of charge)
I got two magnetic tiny books with magical pages!
With each tiny book, it's personalized solely for you! It has your twitter username and your answers too! (excuse my nails)
Well, I am too! Lol. Thank you, btw. Sweet!
Our Better World also accepts stories from you. Through them, we can hear stories of people even on the corners of the world. Visit their website here. Read more inspiring stories of good deeds. They also do some campaigns where you can join and help. I'm so thankful I got to came across this organization. Get involved. Spread. Change.

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