The Happy List / V. 1

So many things to be thankful and happy about so why not list them down. Looking back at those things is such pleasure.

1. Just finished rereading John Green's novel, Paper Towns which is soon to be on movie theaters next month, June 24, 2015. I hope it will be a good movie too!

2. Great score from Nivea's 50% Sale. You should take this oppurnity! HALF. PRICE. We got the sunblock for 278 pesos and the Lip Shine/Balm for only 50 pesos! Visit Watsons and other stores that offer Nivea. Promo is until May 9, 2015.

3. More DIY projects coming! Projects from Candy's DIY book. Something to do this summer!

4. Film cameras! Always be a fan!

5. Kuya's finally a director! He'll be directing one of Teatro Tomasino's play. Gonna watch on Saturday!

6. Last night, finally got some decent sleep since I moved from my own room. Lutang.

7. MY BLOG SPORTS A NEW LOOK (again). I'm proud to say that I tweaked everything myself with the help of internet articles out there about HTML and such. Actually, it took my 3 draining days to finally come up with my current layout. [Until now I don't have navigation bar. I'm having troubles. I need help!!]

8. Spotify playlists

9. Earcuffs

10. Rare chocolates!! Salty popcorn in milk chocolate!!!

11. My ass finally decided to work for this blog again and I'm happy about that.

12. Old gaming gadgets giving so much nostalgia!

13. Calligraphy improvements.

14. Beautiful and colorful sunsets.

15. Finally decided to post freely on my Instagram and don't worry too much about my feed.

16. Our Better World stories and perks. (Twitter: @obetterworld)

17. Answering random question from ASK.FM is such a stress reliever because I got to speak out my opinions and ideas for each question.

18. Time for elementary classmates

19. Hoarding tracing papers for calligraphy!

20. FINALLY GOT TO CLAIM MY BLOG ON BLOGLOVIN'! It has been my problem since day 1 I moved here on blogger. Finally! You can follow my blog via bloglovin.

21. Hooked up watching old vlogbrother's YouTube videos! Greens are just the best!

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