Dealing with Blogger's Block

Blogger's block also know as creative block or whatever you call it. Us, bloggers and everyone on the creative industry, are expected to create fresh and quality contents and outputs. Consistency. Admit it or not, creative/writer's block happens once in a while. I'm so sure, no one would be too glad to experience it. Who would? Words, creative ideas are being blocked which made it harder for us to think on topics and whatnot. It's like we're drown to nothingness and we cannot escape into it.

Recently, I'm battling against bloggers block. As much as I would like to post once in a while, blogger's block stops me to do so. You could probably see the last date befire this post was about 2 to 3 weeks ago. I would be glad to share to you how I am dealing with it and slowly ascent into this deep hole of nothingness.

1. If you can't write, then don't. If words refuse to spill, don't force them. Remember, you have to write from your heart. This is the first tip that's so important. If you push yourself, your output might not be the best or even worse.

2. Find your comfort zone. If you feel like writing in coffee shops, noisy places, inside your room, then go. You have to give yourself a break and find where yourself is most comfortable at. Don't be so pressured about things because it's one of the hindrances that stops you from doing your thing. CHILL.

3. Do blog post link ups. if you really can't think of any idea on what to blog about, you can do some link ups/series. Like, the sunday currently, the happylist or doing some play list for your readers.

4. Small ideas do matter. If you have this eureka moment where you want to write, grab it. Start listing words and you can come up to a post. These small ideas that you think of can be a good start to write again. Write about your interests so you can better relate to it.

5. Read from blogs. You can also grab some ideas from other blogs. You can get ideas from it, then write your own version. (Note: no to plagiarism)

6. Search ideas from pinterest and photo. Pinterest never fails! Search for keywords and you'll find boards that will feed your creative spirit. Do some DIY posts too! Another is, shoot everything around you. Start taking photographs everywhere! Photos fuels your spirit too. Write about the inspiration behind it, etc.

7. Talk about personal stuff. If you still can't think or come up into a post, then write about yourself, personal stuff (but please be careful of what to put online. Filter em out!) An update on what's going on in your student life, lessons you've learned from the past few days. Something like that.

I'm pretty sure, at least, you can get a glim of light. Blogger's block can last up to few days or worse, for a month or weeks. Before, when I'm struggling with it, I would push myself to write and get so irritated when I cannot finish a post. Every blogger would struggle with it. Those 7 things listed might be too shallow but it will help you fish yourself out from the deep hole of nothingness. I hope this helps!

So how about you? How did you overcome yours? I would love to hear!

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