3 Reasons I Stopped Caring About my Instagram Feed

If you wouldn't ask, I'm also with the bandwagon of having a real nice Instagram feed. I even blogged about how to improve your own Instagram feed. My interest on improving my own Instagram feed started to fade away. The moment having a nice Instgram feed became a bandwagon, I'm so sure everyone tagged along. I mean, who wouldn't? Having a nice Instagram wouldn't hurt right? Not just that, most Instagram users follow back based on feeds. Recently, I have found myself being even more care free and less stressed about my feed. A good thing on my side. I found myself so absurd with that trend. I have realized so many things. Some of which are:

There's something more than that
I always state that line on almost everything. Well, true enough. Times before, I would sit down, look for photos on gallery, edit tons of photos just to have something to post. For instance, if it took me an hour or two editing photos, rather than working for 2 hours and getting paid. I'll take that deal! I'm not against spending hours on photos but for me, not to waste time, do something more productive than that.

It's stressing me out (Gah! For real!)
When I was damn strict on my feed, I wanted to post every day. That gave me chills now. I would be like a scavenger searching for anything. Editing a photo but ended up grainy because I over edited it just to fit my feed. Back to the first one, there's something more than that. I got stressed most especially on what filter to use, discovering what others use (which I find now ewww). Too much pressure, I can say. Since almost Instagrammers have these "nice" feeds, I was trying to reach for the high standards. And it's about time too to bring back the "old" instagram. Where people never cared about how their feed looks like and just post anything they wanted to. Having that curated feed is some what tiring. Everything *most* is fabricated.

It gets pretty competitive 
We couldn't deny that we can't keep but compare and compete. There's really nothing naaahhh but there were times, it felt like a competition (for me). Okay if I liked that theme, I'll delete my photos start a new. Then search for photos again. There's really nothing bad with it. It's still our own choice, though. But for myself, I decided to give myself freedom but at the same time, limitations. Maintenance of my feed wouldn't be like before, less strict. Don't expect for a nice feed anymore. I want to give it a freedom.

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