Blogging Frustrations

Right now, I can feel my blogging frustrations fire burning. Intense. I know everyone also experiences frustrations when it comes to blogging. I never thought it will be like this. Too much pressure or I'm just really pressuring myself?
For couple of days, classes are suspended. First on the list: blog, blog, blog. Frankly, my blog is starting to decline. It needs an update. But here I am, enjoying my bum life rather than blogging and all. There are so many things that really frustrates me right now:

I have so many idea inside my head but I can't write them down. There's this little idea, you have enough inspirations, ideas and everything to come up to a post, here comes paper and pen, you cannot even start a sentence. There are rare times, at one sitting, I can finish a post. I wish I had more times like that. Sometimes, I think blogging isn't really for me. "Why not just shut it down?! HELLO!" I never did because this is what I like doing and I've been working for months already. So why give up, right? It's really frustrating when you cannot write. The struggles when you want to publish new contents but you can't. When you're right there, but something pulls you back from doing so. Do you feel it too? Also, it takes me a week before I can publish a post. W H Y?

It can't be helped but sometimes compare yourself with other bloggers. Often times, I found myself being so jealous with those bloggers, younger than I am, and theirs blogs are just the bomb dot com. Bloggers should really avoid this, but...(no more buts, self) Someone asked me how I overcome my blogging insecurities and such, I would say, "Be proud of what you have. Blahblah" Yeah, sometimes, I feel so nice about my blog but there are those dark days when I'm feeling so low and seems like my blog is the worst.

Consistency, they say. I would always tell myself, at least, post once a week but that never happens. Back to my first frustration, I cannot write. It puts too much pressure on me, like "HEY, what's up with your blog?!"

I've been reading articles, blog posts on how to establish your own brand *~wew~*. It is always included on the list to have your own design for everything. From header, to your blog design, the way you present your photos, your writing style and everything that composes your blog. If you are like me, who is not consistent with those listed above, ugh. One of the reasons why I decided not to use pre-made themes available around the internet because I don't like it when I have that kamukhang blog. Even there are times I want to change my blog's layout because I really get easily bored with designs. My blog feels so bland and insipid. 

I don't know but I think I'm just really picky? I'm really struggling with content (let me correct that: almost on everything). 

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