The Sunday Currently V. II

Hola! Another volume of the sunday currently. Its been months since I posted the last volume. I will keep this really short! I hope you guys have a good Sunday! Enjoy! It's weekend and let's not stress ourselves with what to post, etc. Live your life.

R E A D I N G different blogs. Blog hopping. It's really a habit to do that every now and then. Some sort of a therapy for me.
W R I T I N G this post.
L I S T E N I N G I'm currently listening to Up Dharma Down's album Capacities. My forever jam.
T H I N K I N G of how to make this day productive. I suck on that.
W I S H I N G I have enough patience and understanding to get through this sh*ts. Honestly, I'm not patience about things. I want things to be done as soon as possible. I want peace, that's all.
H O P I N G that I can finish our trailer video (for our computer class) editing for a night. Good luck to me.
L O V I N G the photos from our latest beach outing. The one above is one of which. Also, I made a video and I'll make a review of the place. Watch out for it!
W A N T I N G to go to different places. I heard there's a plan. We'll be going to Bataan! I can't wait for it
N E E D I N G to buy istax films! Its quite expensive but it's totally worth it!
F E E L I N G so hdlsozwoskjsndjdoe o e. I don't know, but I don't want to spoil my day. Something's stressing me out big time.
C L I C K I N G through the screen.

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