Unroll.Me: Clean Up Your Inbox

Being an untidy person (online) I am, I subscribe to random sites, blogs which I really don't read the newsletters they send in. My inbox is a big MESS. It just hit me. Self, fix your inbox. I honestly don't take e-mails seriously that's why. Since, I want to declutter to give way to those "important mails", I searched online on how I can see my list of subscriptions. First hand, I didn't have idea that unroll existed. I was hoping that google could give me the list. I clicked on threads and most are recommending unroll.me.

Email accounts for me are like disposable. When one of my email account is already filled with crappy subscriptions, social media notifications, I'll make another one and ditch that email account. But I realized its such a hassle like moving from one mobile service provider to another. It goes the same way. So thankful I came across unroll. I don't have to dispose my e-mail accounts.
Unroll will make your life easier unsubscribing to newsletters, will detect those trashy subscription you had before (that u never knew existed). In just a click, you will be unsubscribed. Unlike when you are unsubscribing manually, you have to go the page itself and stuff. The process is infuriating! But! Unroll would not delete the mails you received from those subs. You have to delete it manually.
After signing up and unsubscribing, unroll will fill it up for you. Their job doesn't end with easy unsubscribing method. "Each time your inbox gets a new subscription, our system will catch it for you. You can keep unsubscribing once a month instead of daily." Unroll will digest those for you! If you have subscriptions that send in newsletters everyday, they will filter em out for you! Instead of receiving them daily, unroll will compile them and send them to your inbox once a month or weekly. This filters all the newsletters from your roll up and deliver it to your mailbox daily, weekly or monthly. It's all up to you.

Over all, unroll is very convenient! By far, one of my favourite innovation.

Unroll's interface is just pure aesthetic and easy to navigate. Get rid of junks and unwanted mails.
This will make your mailbox sing. To cut things short, I recommend you to use it. I'm new on using unroll but definitely, it helps me a lot to keep track on my subscription.


  1. I need this so much! Inbox is full of unwanted emails! Thank you for sharing.
    Anyways, where did you get your template? it's so nice. I'm bored of mine time for a hunt :D

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart

    1. Yay! You're welcome. I got it from Vefio. You can check their etsy shop. Shop's link is on my blog's footer. :)