Clean Slate

I've been having love-hate relationship with blogging these past few months. That's why I decided to give blogging a break. For a month of hiatus, a lot has happened: stress free, no "what to blog next ughh!!!" and all that jazz. I felt so relieved. It felt like I just had a detox (and it was like one) Within that one month, I was like a bird so free to soar high, spread its wings, do whatever it wanted to. But that doesn't last too long. I had the urge to go back to blogging. I knew those stress before were fruits of frustrations and pressure. It was a good one, honestly.

But here I am again, typing, about to start blogging again. Not afraid of feeling again those frustrations and all. It won't stop me from doing whatever this is. At some point, I learned my lessons, enjoyed (ironically) some moments of frustrations.
Within that month, I got to clear out my mind. Remove all the toxic. Got to overcome envy (other's blog layout and being self-hosted, receiving tons of comments and everything. Let's keep it real, dear) Self, keep chill. Take things one step at a time. It's not your time yet so please stay put and wait for that perfect time to put things into its higher level. Actually, I was supposed to reopen this blog weeks ago but when I visited someone else's blog, it hit me again. I'm not yet ready. So I gave myself some time to think and clear it out and yeah I'm doing good.

Starting a new clean slate wouldn't be complete without giving your blog a revamp. From my previous two column, I decided to be more neat and use one column. No more fancy header but a serif one. No more gold but black and (some gray). I'm proud enough to say I tweaked my current theme all myself (of course google too). Started from scratch: blogger's simple template.

To make things clear, this is a non-profit blog that's why no more ads and I'm currently not focusing on my own brand. I want this blog to be a personal one. 

Things would not be like before. Everything will be taken in moderation. No more deadlines. No pressure. Post just whenever you feel like to.

I hope everything will be smooth sailing! :) Ciao! :D

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