Blog Turns ONE!

Truth be told, I almost forgot about it! Earlier, I was about to check my planner because it seems like I have something to do today. Then I scanned the planner only to find out that today is my blog's first year anniversary. WTH. Nothing worth reading under the cut. LOL. BYE

I don't know what I will write about. Am I supposed to blow candles? Blog about my achievements (na niisa ay wala) and all that transpired here on my blog? Honestly, I never thought of this day. That I'm finally settled here in Blogger. Back in tumblr, I cannot stay there for one straight year. I always change my mind. I'm always undecided about this blogging thing. I just go with the flow. I'm such a sucker. 

From this day on, I hope I'll still be on the hook and continue whatever I am doing here. Wish me luck, guys. 
Okay *blows candle*. Here's a slice of cake for you, dear! 

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