This post is inspired by Laureen Uy's first ever vlog where she listed some of her firsts too! At this moment, let me share mine:
First (expensive) item I bought with my own money
Probably my Instax Mini 8. You might have already read the story about it on my or maybe even blogged about it before. Not sure though but you deserve to know! So here's the story: *news flash: ED SHEERAN LIVE IN MANILA!* Who wouldn't be eager to watch your favorite singer live? It's once in a life time and it might never happen again. Like 2 months before the official selling of tickets, I started earning for it. I might not be able to buy VIP tix, it doesn't matter. What's important is that I'm inside the arena, breathing the same air as he is, listening to him live and that's more than enough! Here came the official day, I was home from school, immediately logged in to SM TICKETS to only find out that tickets (enough for my earnings) were already sold out! There ended my ED SHEERAN dreams. And instead of stashing my *hard* earned money on something really I do not need, I decided to purchase an Instax. Even before the Ed Sheeran concert, I wanted one. Maybe the concert was not really for me. Actually, it seems like a blessings in disguise.

I promised myself that I should never sell or exchange it for anything. Even if it stops working already, never dispose, give it to anyone, or sell it. It has a sentimental value to me already. It's a reminder that if you want something, you gotta work hard for it. You cannot get it in a simple snap of your fingers, man.
First (major) contest I won

It would be my first DSPC (Division Schools Press Conference-more than 60 schools participate in different journalism category) It was an unexpected one, really. Since it's my first and last chance to participate, I had no idea how photojournalism goes, how I should take my photos and captions. Because honestly, before the contest, we had no proper training. Never been to contest like it so I'm totally clueless. "Para akong sasabak sa giyera na walang armas" and that was totally me. I'm so lucky that the mechanics of photojournalism changed. No more lay outing process. So when the contest date came, what I did was pray hard and let Him guide me because I did not know how everything will flow. So the contest started, lecture, shooting, uploading, and captioning. I was not totally confident about my photos and caption. I only did some research  about it the day before. And I guess if there was no lecture, I wouldn't know how would I go about my caption. So the awarding came, still praying really hard. Top be part of the top 15 (for me) would be enough as long as be recognized. Top 15-8 were called and I'm still not. At that point, I was already hopeless. How could a first timer with no proper training could ever win a competition like this? Top 7 and 6 were called. I already turned my back on the stage because I cannot afford it. Then TOP 4, I WAS ALREADY CALLED!  I was so close to crying!!!!! I never expected it! 

I'm really thankful this opportunity came. Thankful to our school paper adviser for trusting me to compete in the said contest and I guess I did not disappoint them. 

First airplane ride

Isn't it strange? I grew up wishing to ride in an airplane. I wonder how it feels, sit on the window seat and see how fluffy the clouds, experience sunset if given the chance to and everything. Simple dreams they say! It's just last year I got to experience how it feels like and all the airport process. Also I got window seat and as soon as the plane accelerates (WTH I don't know the term!), if I could just look outside all the time, I would. I was so fixated about the clouds and took tons of photos!! That trip was going to Cebu and I was with my relatives because they need someone to help them with their two babies so I had no second thought because hello?! airplane? free tickets and everything? Who are you to decline and it's a chance to fulfill those little dreams of yours?! So I said yes even I had to babysit (well not really) the two kids! It was just a 3 days-2 nights stay and even though we weren't able to experience the beach and all it was fun to visit other places! Also, I got to experience the bumpy airplane ride on the way back to Manila. It felt like I was in EK. It's the worse.

These are really random. As soon as I remember other things, I would share them again. I also would love to hear about your own firsts too! (Post it on you blog or in comments section!)

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