The Weekend Post

Yet another series (hoping I could always follow up). I'll be posting random things during weekends. No specific blahblahblah . Total randomness, bro (I just can't think of proper post title, so yeah). 

Last Leg of Photojournalism Training
Finally! This coming Tuesday until Friday (December 1-4) will be the last and final training for the contest. Good bye and good riddance. I just wanted this end as soon as possible. To be honest, I do not enjoy anymore what I am doing. Just the thought of stay in cliniquing makes me want to cry and makes me really sick. Gad dammit!! But I have to keep my cool and just let the training pass by and after that, I'm totally free again. I could attend my classes na after months of being excused. (I miss my classmates din naman and the fact this will be our last year together!)
Of Bookstores and Coffee
Earlier, after the mass, I decided to visit National Bookstore and like, I wandered for an hour and bought nothing. It lessens my stress (brought by the training shits). Nothing compares to the happiness that coffee gives me. Thanks Starbucks.

Misspelling at its toll
It only goes to show how people always misspell my name "Regeel". I copped a bag tag and I was so lutang when kuya the gumagawa ng bag tag showed the arrangement of letters. After few minutes, its Reegel. I was speechless and I could not react anymore. So I bought a bag tag with wrong spelling. HOW. FORTUNATE. I. AM.
New experiences
Our school and LSGH had the Student Exchange Program last November 25-27. Two guys from LSGH joined our section and experienced how it was to be a student of our school. Okay, first impression: they're damn intelligent and speak really really good. Tiklop and section namin! But overall, for 2 days I was with them, I'm pretty amazed how these two guys were able to cope up easily. Though I was not able to attend classes on the second day of their stay, (ugh because of training!!) I heard stories that they acted (FIL time) and participated in class very well. *claps* Hope to see you again!! 

How random!!! ANYWAY, thanks for dropping by!!

Here's my playlist while I am doing this post. ON. REPEAT. Okay, the songs below are really old and I like them so much!!! 

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