What Now?

Hi. Been really inactive on this blog. Got no time to blog hop, meet other bloggers and most especially, update this blog as often as I wanted to. That being said, I'm really busy with my life right now. Well, actually not too much. I'm just stressing myself out. Halp. I have drafts lined up to be finished and published. I just can't find sufficient time to edit them. Also, my blog's 1st year anniversary is fast approaching, I have something waiting for you people. Wish me luck guys. I hope I could finish it faster. I'm really doomed with assignments, deadlines *what?* and more school works. I'm trying, at least, to catch up. Like at this moment, I have an assignment to finalize for Thursday and it's my goal to finish it tonight so I can let my teacher check it and print it tomorrow. Heck, look at me now, typing. Doing this post, I feel so relieved and stress free. Hayyy life.

Even during weekends, I got no chill. We're having Saturday remedial classes and if not, I'm just around the streets shooting. You can see some of my photos on my Instagram *plugging 101*Then on Sundays, if not at home lounging, either in mall with friends or still left with assignments and stuff.
On the lighter note, I learned how to set my own deadlines for assignments. Yay for more organized ~life~. As of now, I got to check things out before or the day it is due. Improvement, though. (AWW! I'm so proud of myself!) 

Currently loving Maroon 5's albums namely: Hands All Over and Songs About Jane. It's just recently I discovered the albums and I'm hooked!

You see, I even don't have proper title for this post. Spare me please.

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