If you have read my previous posts, you are aware that I'm a contestant in RSPC (Photojournalism). The contest was held last December 8, 2015, Tuesday. It is not only about the contest experience itself but something deeper than that.

I have found new family which I never thought of. New environment I had to adjust and cope up to. Everything was abrupt and surreal but all damn worth it. These are just some of the things I would never ever forget and will always treasure. To our trainers and facilitators who pushed us to our own limits and always reminded us what we are supposed to do and to always do our best. Therefore, best company I have ever found that no one can ever replace. You gave me more than anything I unlooked for.

Within the three months, I realized that I am not afraid of being attached and there is no reason to fear. Our time with each other ended, but the connection built on each other's hearts will never end nor cut. You guys brought out the best in me, my other side that no one have ever seen. Things I never thought I would experience and learn. You guys left a mark on my heart. KUDOS.

We all had our fair shares of frustrations and successes during the trainings. Times that I had to drink double dose of coffee due to vexations. We had moments where we run our hearts out and beat the time, submitting incomplete and crappy photos, disastrous captions, Sir Marlon's quite harsh critiquing skills but we all understand each other anyway. All those will not be put to waste. Like 10 years from now, we'll look back and just laugh our ass out about those stories! And maybe one of us will be like Sir Gudo or Sir Jimmy. Who knows!

I can't explain how grateful I am. Every moment was made memorable. We want to make history and I believe this is our's. We might not all qualify for NSPC but I believe each and everyone of us did their own best during the contest. Everyone prayed and worked hard for it. All the tears and sweat will be all worth it, soon. Whoever will make their way on the highest level of the competition, I am proud and happy for you. We extend our support and trust, whoever you are.

I know we are still uncertain of the results since there is no awarding. Let's keep on praying and hope for the best!

To Sir Marlon, Sir Greg, Mam Armin, Camille, Jerwin, Nico, Mirah, Ricah, Jessa, Ate Nhors, Ate Ynah, Din Din, Tricia, Angela, Jeristelle and Daniela, thank you for everything! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! No one could ever deny that! Hope to see you guys again! Cheers!

Naniniwala ako
Na lahat tayo ay aakyat ng entablado
Suot ang medalya na pinapangarap ko
Dala ang pangalan na nais kong itayo
Iisiping sasakay ka na ng eroplano
Pero mas masaya kung lahat tayo ay sama sama
Pupunta sa coronadal na nais makita
Kukuha ng larawan na napakaganda
-Angle Dimapilis

“Good things come to those who hustle, work hard and never give up.”

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