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Talking about (or blogging) anything related to photography makes my heart jump in an instant. I like sharing my little piece of knowledge about this matter and I really a lot time to produce a post worth (yes? no?) reading. Nothing compares to the bliss photography gives me every single time.

Though I'm not a pro nor a photography student (soon, i wish), I've undergone series of training about photojournalism and I learned most of the basics. I read books and articles online which can help improve skills. Like when to and not to use rule of thirds and such things. Which is not the focus of this post, I digress. This post is still about photography when it comes to blogging.

1. In your opinion, how important is it to produce good photographs for blogs?

Don't just aim for good. Always capture the best. 
Aesthetically appealing image/thumbnail is one key on how you can catch your readers attention to click and read on your post. It’s damn important. Honestly, whenever I blog hop then the photos are not that okay, I don’t continue anymore. It's a must. Looks can be deceiving, in a good way. 

Tip: if you really want nice photos, you could use stock images (read my faq’s section, I listed some sites where you could get high quality photos.) But! You don’t just grab a photo then use it, it must match the topic of your post. Also, good typography adds more. (Typography is also a make or break for your photos. )

2. What gadgets do you use to take photos? You can name more than one.
I’m only using my one and only point and shoot camera, Sony DSC-T77. Its a 10 megapixel camera. It’s actually a hand-down camera from my father years ago.

3. For how long do you own those gadgets?
I barely can’t remember but I guess for 3 or more years. Not including the years my father had it. It's already old.

4. Will you recommend those gadgets to your fellow bloggers? Why or why not?
I wouldn’t. If you can afford better camera then go for it. Let's not sugar coat things here. DSLR produces high quality photos. Some will say "It's not about the camera but the one behind it." okay but if you're using a camera which cannot even produce crisp photos then what do you even expect for? Using a 10 megapixel camera is sometimes a pain in the ass (especially when shooting indoors). You must get the hang of it. IT'S A BIG NO. 

5. Do you use any other application to edit or add filters in your photos? If yes, could you share it with us?
As you can see, the after photo looked more sharp, detailed and the colors are more appealing. 

Currently, I’m using the following: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, VSCO and Snapseed. I recently downloaded the latest of Lightroom and it is damn awesome and does magic on photos! I use PS for adding typos whilst LR for retouching photos (I also use VSCO Film). Primarily, I adjust the following elements: exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, levels and curves. 

The shadows on the children's faces lessen and the photo is brighter. 

On mobile, I use VSCO and Snapseed. I don't use VSCO that much since most of the photos need not filters whilst Snapseed for unedited photos that I post on Instagram or for my photo blog. Five stars for Snapseed! I like how it can heal photos especially if the shadow burned your subject's skin color. The quality of the photo stays and does not pixelize. Snapseed is definitely my go-to app!

6. Who usually takes your photos aside from yourself especially on OOTD shots? Show gratitude by mentioning them here.
I don't post OOTDs and the likes. But I want to thank those creative photographers behind stock images we are using. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos! You guys are amazeballs! Continue sharing them with us and we're forever grateful for that!

7. Aside from the camera, what accessories (or props) do you use to take photos? Ex: tripod, flowers, makeup, etc.
Really, its random. Sure, I use newspapers, watercolor, Instax, twigs and many more! Whatever fits my main subject, I grab them. I rarely use tripod because first, I don't have one I just borrow. Last, I cannot tilt the camera at the topmost degree for a fl (or maybe there's something wrong with the tripod? Idk.)

I love using succulents as a prop! They're really photogenic and goes well with anything! (I got the succulent for only 30 pesos.)
White background ftw!
Sweet as George and Solenn! I enjoy shooting on this kind of angle and get creative every time! 

8. How do you come up with your photos? Do you research first how you should pose, how the products should be presented or it just goes naturally?
Sometimes I think before hand on what will be the layout and all that jazz. There are times it just goes naturally. I play while I shoot. Whenever running out of ideas, I search pegs on Pinterest.

9. Do you have gadget you wish to receive this Christmas? What and why?
I'm dying to receive a DSLR this Christmas or next year please! Canon or Fuji and GoPro please! 

10. Do you have an Instagram feed or blogger you look up who produces great photos? Share them with us!
There are so many to be mentioned but I look up to Aya Cabauatan. She's almost my age (months older, I guess?). Gosh! Every time I see her photos, I feel so frustrated and intimidated (on the positive note, it motivates me to pursue photography). Her portraits are just asdfghjl. See for yourself on her IG and blog. Nothing beats the ever BJ Pascual. (story time: I just saw him last Christmas Eve in our parish church and damn! that's more than enough to make my christmas perfect! Fangirling 101)
11. Share three (3) photography tips to newbie bloggers.
Disclaimer: I suck at giving tips. Please deal with it. Hope you'll learn something! :)

1. Always practice. Never stop shooting. “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

2. Avoid distracting lights. I was browsing my old photos and found the perfect example! If shooting outside or somewhere the lighting is extreme (what), avoid it. You can shun that by changing your angle. It's distracting. The focus of the photo is not the subject anymore but the distracting light. That light catches your attention first right?
9 Tips for Getting Backgrounds Right

3. I recommend you to shoot under the natural light.
I bet these articles could explain further and deeper:
5 Tips for Photography Using Natural Light Indoors
Are You Practicing these 5 Natural Lighting Tips?

On this post, I talked about most of the generals and basics. But I can assure you that those basic things will help you most as you develop your skillszz. But please just don't stick with those basic knowledge. Always read, read, read stuff about photography, if somebody's available, ask help from them, let them criticize your photos (that's the best way to improve!!) and from there, you'll develop passion and love for this thang!

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