Art Appreciation

My brother invited us to Pasinaya 2016 and got us free passes to indulge ourselves with different kinds of art. Without any second thought, I tagged CJ along with me!

Out of 11 museum tours, we were only able to go to two, Metropolitan Museum and the National Museum. So here's a photo dump.

In Met Museum, picture taking is not allowed so I don't have photos, obviously. But as soon as we reached it, there were few people in the gallery which was a plus, the museum was not crowded and so silent. There were also indie short films. We were able to watch Para kay Ama. And the adventure goes on.

For National Museum, it was my first and CJ's second. Juan Luna's Spolarium welcomed us as soon as we entered. We were not able to visit the second building across it, I guess it's more on artifacts. Next time, we'll visit it!!

Much as we want to explore National Museum, we are bounded by time because before 5 PM CJ and I had to be back at CCP. Here's a secret: it was CJ and I only who went to CCP (our parents thought we were with somebody older than us. Bad asses). Both to be Manila illiterate so were so lucky not to get lost. Hahahahaha. We were nervous cos we don't know what jeep to take so we had to ask and be as smart as possible. But over all, it was fun!! We'll be back next year, Pasinaya! We promise to watch more shows and complete all the museum tours!

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