Life Lately: How I Keep My Shits Together

Prior notice: the blog post title might not have anything to do with this post. I'm so non-sense.

Happy summer! *does such phrase even exists? well it does now* Hay self! It's not even a happy summer! Okay, stop scolding yourself. I'm writing this while I'm feeling so sabaw. So please spare me from all the grammatical errors and errors again. Okaaaaaaay. So whats up with my life?
I graduated already from Junior High School (read again: junior high school a.k.a. Grade 10! I should be applying for colleges and universities already!!). Anyway, so it happened on the first week of April. And much to my own surprise, I wasn't emotional shit about our graduation *and I thought I would be a fucking crying lady all over but I wasn't* Though I'll be staying in my current school, senior high is already a different thing and we still don't know how it will be so we're kinda nervous at the same time anxious. Some will stay and some will go and find their own ways. Good bye friends. #NosUnumSumus I'm babbling too much. Whatever. Let's be serious now. Another chapter ended and we're off to a better road. Good luck to us and kudos! Congratulations to all completers! 

Happy new year to me! I'd like it to call happy new year since it's exactly the day I started living so that starts my 365 day of living outside my mom's womb not January 1! (Im actually editing this post and while reading, I cant help but laugh at my self! What am I even saying?) Do I even make sense? I'm 17 now and it feels not 17 years old?! I'm like, the dugyot type of teen. Anyway, my friends did a surprise for me. Which is kind of long to make story so I'll pass. I'M SEVENTEEN ALREADY. Woah! I wasn't even ready or am I developing (physically, mentally and everythin-ly) the right way? I don't want to spoil myself with "You're 17 and what have you done with your life?!?!!?"Let me just live this life, fam!

About the photos: those balloons were part of my friends' surprise. Which has my male muses' (1. Paulo Avelino 2. BJ Pascual 3. Kimpoy Feliciano I fangirled over him years ago! I don't know if I'll be proud of it?! Pero it should be JM de Guzman. Oh gahd.) image on it. I was sorting my room and found perfect light so I took pictures!!

This is what I really hate about summer. I slack just most of the time!! I'm so stagnant to the point my creative juices are drained *na dapat ngayon marami dahil mas marami akong oras gumawa ng kung ano-ano!!!!!*. I am always sitting in front of the laptop for hours, tryna squeeze my creative juices and trying to make random posters, typography and everything but did nothing at the end of the day. How productive. Much for killing my time and my eyes, though. So if you have ideas, if you want us to work on something really nice, just hit my inbox and we're good!

VSCO Film Packs (you can purchase it here) have been saving my life, for gods grace, editing my photos. Just how I like my photos, deep, dark, grainy and anything that you can see on my photos. Totally a life saver for someone who's lazy enough to color each photo. Less hassle.

Sabaw moments make me harder to keep my shits together. I talk non-sense a lot. I'm worse. And to keep me safe from all the stress, I try to stay away from social media and do something instead.

I dont know if people are still reading this blog but whatever. I might also close this blog soon... but let me think.

Also, since it's summer, I'm free for everythung. If you're about to start a blog or you need help with tweaking your theme, I can help you with my limited knowledge. Just let me know. Hit the mail section. We'll work together! I'm not asking for anything in return. Its from my heart.

Also, I started doing brush lettering *which I inserted on the image above. I Conclude that brush is not my best friend. But im trying to be friends with brush*. So I decided to digitize them. I tried, okay?! Appreciate mah work by hitting the heart below! Thanks.

I also want to promote my own photo dump blog. If you can, please pay it a visit. Its at! THANKS, fam!


  1. When I graduated from highschool, I wasn't emotional. I didn't cry despite I was surrounded by a bunch of crying ladies. Highschool was already full of too much drama so why bother crying? Hahaha! I don't know, maybe I wasn't really a dramatic person way back in highschool despite the things I've been through. Good luck on senior highschool. Make the most of it. :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Thanks :D Yeah I guess me too I'm not too emotional that's why and we'll still see each other naman sooo whyyy waste my precious tears hahahahaha