My Favorite Things

Since my blog is on drought, and I badly need to post something, I came across this series called My Favorite Things. Basically a list of things that you love or like. It's just that simple. It's a blog link up hosted by Raisa and Eirene. This is supposedly to be submitted on the 3rd of May but I just have to this now.

Book: Push: Muses, Mischief and How to Make it in Manila by BJ Pascual
Okay I'll be bias here because BJ Pascual's my idol. Like, he's my goalszxc when it comes to photography and he's an alumnus of your school so total support!! I guess everyone knows him, one of Manila's finest photographer. This book is really inspirational for me. It's also signed, omg *dies*. IT JUST INSPIRES THE HELL OUT OF ME TO PURSUE MY PASSION! Of course, the photographs inside are A++++++++++++! You'll learn so much. 
Pay Maya: Prepaid VISA

Right now, everything's easy with credit card. Just fill up the form online, charge and the item will be delivered right at your door step. As a student, of course I cannot apply for a credit card. Well, Pay Maya made it possible to shop and swipe. Online or not. I wrote a short review under (this was supposed to be a separate blog post but I thought it would be perfect if I just include it here!) Just click on the panel to read more!
Review: Pay Maya ▼
What I like about PayMaya:
You don't need to have your own credit card but instead just load the amount and you're good!

They offer cash on delivery service (for the card. Not the item you bought through it). Since I live in a province it took more than 5 days to be delivered. But that's more than okay than to pay 100+ for a courier to deliver!

If you are only after buying online applications or anything online, you can also not buy anymore the physical card. Just download the application and you'll be given your own virtual visa card and all the details needed. Virtual visa card is enough for online transactions.

Once you load up with the minimum of P1000 you get free Kopiko 78! Load up on Cliqq kiosk (mostly found on 7/11 stores) and you'll receive a message and just show it to the counter!

Reloading takes less than a minute. Your mobile number is the only thing you need when you load up. Go to Cliqq kiosk, tap on the details, a receipt will be out of the machine, proceed to the counter, pay and you'll receive a confirmation!

Running out of mobile load? Well, you can load yourself (or even others) with just a click on the mobile app! And you can save save save! It's much cheaper there!  You can also send money to your family members through the app!

Their service support team is really great! From the first time I mailed them about my upgrading concern, they responded within less than an hour! I wasn't expecting for it! It was really nice talking to them and having my concern fixed and answered immediately!

If your card is upgraded, you can withdraw cash from ATM machines, send money and have 100,00 limit monthly.

The card costs less! My card (without Beep) is for 70.00 (it still has no load, just the physical card). Better yet you buy the bundles cos you'll save as much as half!

Do I recommend PayMaya?
I definitely would. Also, I like buying applications, filters and everything that fancies me online. I had struggles using the globe/smart load which you will use for app purchases. PayMaya made things easier and safer!

PayMaya is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to ensure all your transactions are secure.

Visit their website to purchase card and for more info.

Disclosure: I am not compensated nor asked to write a review about the said product. I purchased it and everything written on above is purely my own opinions and thoughts on the said product.


Few days ago, I hoarded fonts and found those! For me, those two fonts are perfect combination for your projects. Voga is like for fashion magazines and the likes. It looks elegant. I cannot give you links where to download but those two are for free and you can easily find them online! :)
Color Hues

Can I call it color mood board? WHAT. I'm going pastel-y and summer-y!
Instagram Feed: @runnerkimhall

I so love the colors!!! Her feed is perfectly curated! Irresistible colors! Definitely my type! If you are lusting over pastel colors, follow her account!
Youtube Video: Paper Towns | John Green | TEDxIndianapolis

I have watched couple of Tedx talks but this one's really my favorite. To the point I almost memorize this. I always watch this every night. So inspirational. By far, a video where John talks slower.  Hope you'll take time watching! To quote some of my favorite lines:
"The world is changed by our maps of the world. The way that we choose to, sort of, our personal cartographic enterprise also shapes the map of our lives, and that in return shapes our lives. I believe that what we map changes the life we lead."
"...people with good jobs woke up very earl in the morning, and the men who had good jobs, one of the first things they did was tie a strangulation iten of clothing around their necks. They literally put nooses on themselves and they went off to their jobs, whatever they were. That's not a recipe for a happy life! 
So that basically it! I also would love to see yours! :) 


  1. I love TED talks too! Thank you for sharing this one, I've added it to my watch later playlist and can't wait to watch it :')

    ♥ Nana's Notebook

    1. Ted talks are just so inspirational! ;)

  2. I love TED talks! The one that captured me the most was the talk of a public school teacher since i'm also a teacher haha. I have to watch this one tho, thanks for sharing! <3

    - Joyce |