Visual Diary: Marian Orchard

Friday the 13th was spent in Batangas *it was not a bad day though!*. Batangas will never fail us from it's beautiful beaches, historic Cathedral and tasteful delicacies! To top them all, Batangas is a great place to relax, reflect or just, you know, enjoooooooy! Not just it's accessible, traveling back and forth to Batangas has never been easier and faster. Indeed a go-to-place for those who want to escape all the traffic and stress in the city.

I don't have much to say along this post. Let the photos speak for themselves. Hope you'll enjoy!

The Ruins

Definitely, not the one in Bacolod, nor it looks like one. Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful structure. It's just that you cannot go upstairs to take photos. Below it is visitors lounge/area where you could take a break, have some seat. Also, there are displays of different types of rosaries! I just can't include the photos here because it's really blurred. Better see yourself, though! :D

Well, for me, it would be better if they'll allow visitors to go upstairs thus making the experience more memorable. Anyway, the structure does not look so sturdy maybe that's why they won't allow. It's still a good shot! Isn't this place so instagrammable? Well, for me, it would be better if they'll allow visitors to go upstairs thus making the experience more memorable. 

I almost forgot, as soon as you enter, you have to pay 50 pesos for the entrance fee. It's not too much sooooo :)

There's also a chapel where they also celebrate mass every Sunday. The chapel's small, quaint and serene. Perfect place to reflect and pray.

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk and walk. If you go, downhill, you'll get into this place where you'll go up at a tower where you'll be over looking Taal! I can't take photos anymore because I'm nalulula. Hahahahaha! There's rubbing oil for free also (just give some donations please). Everything's worth it.

These columns are also iconic. Always remember that you went there not just for photo ops but something more! It's okay to have fun but still be quiet and treat the place with respect. I, for myself, enjoyed and appreciated this place so much. Rows of different flowers, fresh air, ugh! Perfect!

When we went there, we had the whole place by ourselves which was a plus! We arrived there around 4 PM, so the sun's still scorching hot *yes, better bring umbrella*. Not minding the heat, we explored the whole vicinity and it really has so much to offer. During holy week, you could pray the 12 Stations of the Cross here. They have life size statues portraying the 12 ways of the cross.

Is everything worthhh it? I just said it up there, yes, it's sulit, I promise. I recommend it! Better go weekdays so there would be less people. Since they hold Masses during weekends, people flock there. Hope you'll get to visit soon! You won't resist nature + the colorful bougainvilleas around!

Note: I hope the photos and text did not mess up!!! Sorry the colors on the photos are not uniform hahaha I was so sabaw while editing and I'm not thinking of editing them again. Please forgive me from all the mistakes on this post. All mine! Thanks for dropping by!

I want to thank Tita Fems for always tagging us along sa mga gala!


  1. Marian Orchard is such a gorgeous place! You captured its beauty really well Lei :)

    ♥ Nana's Notebook

  2. Oh wow! This place looks beautiful. I'm also loving the photos themselves, they're lovely :)

  3. Whoa, look at that landscape with all those flowers!! Very picturesque!

  4. I can't believe this was from the Philippines. It looks like it was inspired from Spain or Rome. Great photos! And I love the way you lay it out!

    1. Yeah, there are so many hidden treasures in PH! Just explore and explore. My mom kept on telling me how it looks like Rome/Spain because of it's ruins and columns! :D Thanks so much!

  5. Lovely photos. Lei <3

    - Joyce |

  6. Like Melai, I can't believe this is from the PH. Everything looks good! I'm adding this to my travel list.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places