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I kind of missed blogging and the same time I just want to leave it behind. Life has been pretty boring—school, homework, repeat. During weekends, I allot my time for resting and trying to do some school works (which rarely happens). The same cycle goes on and on. What am I supposed and expected to blog? To be honest, the past days, I'm not opening my blog just because... So today, it's  Sunday and I'm already done doing things so I decided why not? This post is most likely has no direction. Just plain blahs.

Of TEDx talks, Jerrold Tarog and Ebe Dancel 
You guys know that I love watching TEDx talks. Especially when you are following me on Twitter, I tweet almost all my favorite TEDx talks. (I think I also included one of my favorites on this post) Last last night, I was binge watching over Heneral Luna's BTS videos and was stalking Jerrold Tarog. I came across Jerrold's TEDx talk. Too much jargon I cannot relate but kebs!! I learned about how colors can be related to music and music to film! Since I watched Sana Dati, in an instant, Jerrold Tarog has been my favorite film director and musician (he does his own scores!) I was scrolling on the recommended videos up next and to my surprise, Ebe Dancel also had a TEDx talk!!! He talked about how music has saved him. While watching, my heart was so heavy and I don't know why. But what I am sure of is that he's sincere. I've been listening to Ebe since last month when I came across his newest album entitled Bawat Daan (you can listen on Spotify). Everyone of you should listen, please. Great set of songs! Bawat Daan made more sense to me after watching his talk. I myself, is a witness how his fans cried over his songs and now, I finally understand why. Ebe's different, way different. This made me binge watch over Ebe Dancel's live performances. Ebe's music is asdfghjkl; Ebe Dancel and Jerrold Tarog are my gems. Two persons, each passionate about their own crafts and it really reflects towards their works. Two individuals working for a better music and film landscape. If all the artists of all sorts are just like them, no doubt, PH's arts and culture will be beyond amazing. If all artists are as passionate and true to their crafts, this country will have a better and brighter future. We're on our way!!!!  If there's one thing everyone of us should know, there are a lot of people trying to change things around us and we just need to appreciate them and help them as well.

I'm encouraging everyone to watch TEDx talks as well. When you're bored or has nothing to do, why not listen and watch amazing and brilliant speakers? There are about hundreds of talks from around the world. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Of 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival 
Cinemalaya dream will be fulfilled this year and I cannot wait! We planned this after our Pasinaya experience last February. Much as we enjoyed Pasinaya, we agreed why not earn for Cinemalaya? I was able to watch Sana Dati (2013) because of my brother. I loved it. One reason why I started loving Jerrold Tarog's works! After watching Pepe Diokno's TEDx talk and a bunch of other talks related to film, I had a wider view and appreciation of local films. This pushed me to indulge myself more on Filipino films and continuously support them especially those indie.

This year, we're still clueless of what to watch. I watched couple of trailers and damn, they're all good! Any suggestions on what should we not miss out? We'll be watching on weekends. August 6 and 13 (Saturdays). If ever you'll be in CCP too, just let me know! I'd love to see you there! I'm so excited! Together, let us support our own film! Will I see you there?

12th Cinemalya Film Festival details: 
Date: August 5-14, 2016
Tickets: Regular price: 150 per screening
      Student price: 100 per screening (bring your ID)
Tip: purchase tickets earlier!
For more info, visit this, this, and this.

Of celebrating intellectualism
Intellectualism denotes the use, development, and exercise of the intellect; the practice of being an intellectual; and the Life of the Mind. 

I like reading magazines like Time and National Geographic and everything that can help me broaden my knowledge about everything. Adolescents, not all, fail to appreciate intellect. I'm so sorry to say this but mga non-sense kasi minsan ang pinapahalagahan. That's based from my own observation from my environment. As much as I want to surround myself with the same people as my values and beliefs, or if not, at least try to influence people to also celebrate intellectualism and do more productive things, learn more of what's important and those that can help them be knowledgeable even on the current news. You don't literally have to be the top of your class or what.

I've seen education as a series of hurdles that I need to pass through. Hurdles that make no sense. I just need to pass my grades and I'm done. Things change. I'm taking up General Academic strand and my subjects helped me to continue celebrating intellectualism. My subjects now are more interesting. It talks of the society, how people think and how they act and the human conduct. I slowly enjoyed it and came to realize, I'm loving this.

"Daming mong alam." Gosh, how I hate that. An example of a person who does not value his and other's intellect. Yes, some people might sound mayabang but if you truly appreciate how someone tries to impart new knowledge, it's more than that. *shrugs* It's their loss anyway.

What I am trying to say here is that, we should always be in pursuit of new things, sensible things we can also impart to others. Let us exercise our minds.

I blabber a lot. Have a great week ahead! 
P.S. Guys, sorry sa grammatical errors! Hihihi

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