Christmas Wishlist

It's the time of the year we've been waiting for. On the other note, this year is coming close to its commencement *let's pause for a while and recollect*. It's almost Christmas time which means GIFTS! I'm starting to legitimately feel the Christmas vibe. Note: Spotify Christmas Hits playlist, artistically designed gift wrappers which soon will be awfully ripped, Christmas sales, and all the Christmas-y stuff. It's really the time to be jolly.

Cue: Twelve Days of Christmas by John Denver/The Muppets

This year, I decided to make a wishlist! Who knows, Santa Claus might hear me. I'm never too old to believe in Santa! Hahahaha. I don't expect I'll even get something. It's Christmas and it's fun to make one, right? I'll lose nothing, anyway. Let's kick this list!! 
1. Vrai And Oro Ring Necklace-I like how minimal and simple this necklace is. I'm not into jewelries but when I saw it, gah! I fell in love. No joke.

2. Design Your Life 2017 Planner-Everyone needs a planner! If you still don't have one, I'm recommeding you DYL planners. It has three designs to choose from. If you feel like ~creative and artistic~, basic, or laid back through out the year, they have those! I want one for myself, though. I'll go for the ~creative and artistic~ planner!!!

3. AeroPress Coffee Maker-I'm definitely a coffee person. I'm starting to like black coffee. Aeropress is different from the traditional one where you need to plug it and all that stuff. Here, you only need hot water then stir and press! Your coffee is good to go. I could bring it everywhere and have coffee wherever without paying for hundreds!!

4. Canon 760D & 50mm f1.8 lens-I'm crossing my fingers to get these before this year ends or early next year. You guys know I'm into photography but I don't have the proper gear. I've been eyeing on this camera and by far, I like it better because of its WiFi feautre. I guess this is the newest (?) model for beginners. The nifty fifty is the cheapest lens available in market but it really does a good job.

5. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch-this watch has been on my birthday wishlist and till now I don't have it hahaha! I like how classy it looks like. I mean, it's perfect for everyday use. 
6. Burt's Bees Lip Balm-I have a thing for lip balms already. BB is now available on Watsons which is a good thing!! I wish I saw it before I bought mine! There are tons of good reviews and feedbacks about this balm and I want to try it and see for myself.

7. Corkcicle Tumbler-look at those beautiful tumblers! Corkcicle also has canteens and varieties of wares. It says it can keep cold beverages for 9+ hours and hot for 3! Isn't it cool?! I used to bring coffee in school but my tumbler broke :(

8. Happy Plugs' Earpod Plus-it's not just a simple earpod! It's stylish and comes in different colors: from marble to gold! It will be perfect especially when I want to drift away from the world, put those ear pods on. and blast some music!

9. More Travels and Friends-who doesn't want to travel and gain more friends? This is not only a wish for Christmas but even on the coming years and days. Here's to more friendship built on solid rock and travels to quench the thirst for wanderlust.

I might not get anything from this list but I'll keep it through out the year! Someone who's kind enough might grant one of them! Teehee. I'd love to read about your wishlist too! I wish everyone a Merry, merry Christmas! See you on my next post!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Ahh~ Nice list, Lei!

    The Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch is also on my list for this year's holiday season!

    - Patricia //

    1. it's a timeless piece, that's why! :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I thought I was the only one who wants a Corkcicle Tumbler!! Hahaha. They're gorgeous!

    ♥, K

    1. They're so chic!!! Everyone would love to have it.