Collective Haul

Disclaimer: This haul is not to brag. Better yet, if you think I am, please just dont read :) This post is just to give you an idea of what you can get from the stores. This is just a small haul. I got these stuff last November (and October?) I find myself investing on sustainable clothing pieces (and yes, not black and white anymore) and bag. Please don't expect anything. :) If you want to know what I got, read more under the cut!
I guess it's made of faux leather, gold finish, baby pink fur ball which adds more character to the bag, 2 compartments which are spacious enough. Great deal for 999.
The reason why I went to H&M was because of their black Friday sale. 50%-70% off!!! It has been my go-to shop (naks). No, because I like how their sizes fit me well compared to other brands. I've been on a hunt for a really nice bag. I was searching online and found several bags that I really liked. Good thing, I went to the mall. I wasn't really convinced about getting it cos it will cost me 999! So I didn't, looked thru the clothing section, went to department store to look for bags but still, to no avail. Went back to HM, bought something then I passed by this handbag again, and to my surprise, I THINK I FELL IN LOVE. ESPECIALLY WITH THE FUR BALL (LOVE IS SWEETER THE SECOND TIME AROUND, GUYS). I decided to get it so I have something "formal" naman. I feel like a lady now hahahaha. Shallow it may seem, I've always seen women with handbags very classy and formal. Heh.
I love how flow-y the shirt is. It hides my lady handles. Given the material is cotton, I could wear it everyday. Plus the pocket that gives detail. I just like shirts with pockets because y not. I was eyeing for a military green-colored-shirt ever since and finally found it.
I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE COLOR. IT'S BROWN GUYS. BROWN. END OF DISCUSSION. I was hesitating of getting a larger size cos I'll look more bulky. Fact: I have a thing for anything brown and long sleeves/sweater. Ang init sa Pinas, pero sige lang. December naman. 
I told you I love sweaters that much. Though it's really humid here, kebs lang! I already tried this sweater but opted for the brown one (above). I returned last Friday, to my surprise, it's 499 from 599! What a steal right? Plus it's knit!!! Very comffffyyy. Comfort over fashion 5ever. Finally found a perfect one.
You know, sometimes (or most of the time) you just need a good fitting pants (which I do not have). Why not invest on good trousers right? What I actually like about the pants: right color to fit any top, it's high waist so I don't have to pull my pants up every time (ugh), and it's super skinny but very comfortable, it fits right enough on me. I love u H&M.
Wala lang, it's pink and I don't have a pink shirt yet and.....
DOVE's Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo
If you don't want to torture your hair with daily shampoo (it does damage your hair), dry shampoo will solve that problem. It's more affordable than other brands since I'm just gonna try if its effective for my hair (My hair is buhaghag). This dry shampoo helps my hair to be tamed since I try to give my hair a break from daily shampoo. Thanks, Dove!

I should've tried the one in sachets first...UGH. Anyway, I tried this once pa lang, I did not use it for the whole face, just around my nose. It says for oil control and to detoxify. Honestly, after I removed the mask, I instantly got oily around the nose area where I applied it. There were black & white heads left (mga 10% lang nataggal. Maybe because I applied thinly. Ang tanggal mga facial hair!). I'm hesitant to try it on my whole face because I'm afraid my facial hair will grow thicker next time (hahahahaha). I'm yet to give it another try to see if it will remove my black & white heads! But over all, for it's price, you can't expect so much from it. Maybe this is not really for my skin. It might not work well for me, but it might work best for you.

That's all guys! Thanks for reading! Till next time. 💗♡❤💓


  1. H&M is also my favorite brand to shop clothes from!! And I agree with you that they've the most good fitting jeans. I went there when they had a sale last July in search for a perfect jacket before my flight to London. I scored a denim one in military green color for only P700! Its original price was P2,000! Scored! Haha.

    1. Im woah-ed by the jacket! H&M has really good stuff! I got the bag more than half its price. Good steals in H&m, though.