It is already 2017 and I think it is not too late for me to post a 2016 year-ender, right? Cliche as it may seem, it was a roller coaster ride for us. Bunch of memories, successes, set backs, lessons, still, another book to tell. To tell you honestly, new year does not make so much sense to me. I mean, yes, it's a great point of starting over. I have always believed that if you want to start and change, you don't have to wait for new year. Do it now. Here, I listed randomly the things I am thankful for and bits and pieces of my reflections through out the year.

  • Cinemalaya.
  • Paulo Avelino. 
  • Ebe Dancel's Bawat Daan. That song is home.
  • I like pushing people. 
  • Year of growth and reflection.
  • Okay lang umasa pero konti-konti lang
  • Things really change
  • Its okay to be not okay.
  • Lost and being found
  • Proud of my friends exploring new oceans
  • Thanks to YouTube
  • Losing weight
  • First time to watch a TV Series and finished all its episodes. 
  • Discovering new oceans for myself
  • Sometimes its okay to be positive. Not just sometimes, but always.
  • Success does not measure how many followers, how famous you are online. There's more outside.
  • Give time for yourself to heal
  • Celebrate even the smallest achievement
  • If you want something, start NOW.
  • Yes, I make sense. I can inspire people. I'm not just a shadow.
  • People need not to know what I'm always up to. Gotta keep things for myself and enjoy it alone. Sometimes its sweeter that way.
  • At the end of the day, all you got is yourself
  • People get tired of us, too.
  • Don't rush yourself. Chill.  
2017 goals
1. Watch 50 films in theaterss
2. Try to keep a film journal
3. Say "no" more often
4. Do. Just do what you want.
5. Finish my portfolio
6. I can't list everything but I'll  make sure I'll do better, more this year.

Ahhh, January is about to end. How fast the days are. Always remember to make the best out of everything and anything. 

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