Visual Diary: Misamis Occidental

Last January, I had the chance to visit Ozamiz for four days. If you are not familiar, it is actually in Mindanao. Misamis Occidental to be more specific. Together with other deligates, we were sent by the school to root for our team. That's another story. The trip was not really intended to explore the place. So, in this post, I cannot really recommend which and what to do, see, and all that travel stuff. Nevertheless, I hope you'll enjoy the photos!
As soon as I knew about our flight, I knew I'll be able to catch the sunrise. It has been on my bucket list since then. I cannot deny I was enthralled the moment I saw the colors of the sky changing into gradients of pastel. I'm trying to make the best out of everything! Before, when I first rode the airplane, I wasn't able to use the comfort room and eekk, I told myself I have to experience it! I know I sound so silly here. I'm not sorry. Hahahaha! (photos above were taken before the sun fully rises)
Good thing I got a window seat! I would always take a peak on the window and it never failed to captivate me. Isn't window seat the best? You agree? Yes? Yes.
The flight from Manila to Ozamiz took only for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. As soon as we approached the airport, stretch of green fields welcomed us.
MOAP is just the only place we've been to aside from the Suman House/Pasalubong store. We were a huge group so I understood it would be hard to accommodate all of us plus after all the reason we were in Ozamiz was not for travel.
Back to reality, we're heading back to Manila. Accckkk!
Ohhh, look who I saw on PAL's magazine, it's Camie Juan! Instant fangirl moment. Our flight back, we experienced turbulence but it was part of the fun. Hihihihi!
I hope you enjoyed as much as I did, per usual. I don't have much to say. I hope you'll also get to visit Mindanao. If you're wondering about your safety, it's safe. That was also my worry before, thankfully, everything went smoothly. I'll leave you guys here. Till my next post!

Oh, If you'll be in Pasinaya this coming February 5, I'd love to see you there!!!
Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines