Back At It Again

Been a while, you guys! April na bukas. Wait lang....... On the lighter note, summer officially starts (for me). What are your plans? Swimming lessons, summer classes, outing, out of town trips, or just another unproductive summer?
Gaaaah, it feels so good to be finally back. I did not leave but I was not active on this blog. This summer, I hope I can keep up and update more often. I owe this blog so much. Been a good month since my last post and I totally feel so bad about it. I have tons of drafts but I don't have enough courage to post them. From personal events to movie reviews. Nah. Frankly, I don't know what to write. My bad.

So what's up for me this summer? Since the first day of summer, I've been so preoccupied and busy. As in. Doing tons of errands, appointments, fixing my room, and all that. It's a good way to start my summer! As far as my list says, I'll attend summer classes for my grade 12 subjects. #studious. (Joke lang yung studious hahahaha). Learn Muay Thai or do circuit training because I f*cking need to lose weight. Start my portfolio for my college application. Watch more films. Read Ricky Lee's Trip To Quiapo. The list goes on. I want to make the most out of my summer, really. I won't be busy though.

Marinduque. We'll be off to Marinduque for the holy week. I'm more than excited. It will also be my first time to travel by water. I'm more than afraid traveling by water than by air. 😕

Youtube. The past months, I always find myself drawn into YouTube. I have to be honest when I say I binge watch Kali Vidanes' vlogs. I don't enjoy daily vlogs before. Okay. I super enjoy his vlogs now. Gahd. I want to meet him soon. Kali and his cinematics nawmsayn. Heard he's also into film. Gosh, I hope we can collaborate soon when I'm properly equipped. Soon means like 10000000 years from now. Like that's impossible. But wait, let's make things possible. Bye. I don't know anymore. Kill me.

Someone's turning 18 this April. What the. Time really flies so fast. Just a simple celebration maybe? No fancy gowns and 18 candles. I hate those. Or maybe meet Paulo Avelino or a short video greeting from him would be the best, visit Cinema '76, climb a mountain, finally own a DSLR, or just let the day pass as if nothing happens. I don't know what will happen, tbh.

Finally moving forward. I hope circumstances will allow. I cannot fully reveal what that "move" will be. Something personal. But one thing I can say, I'm happy and proud of it. I have to admit it scares the heck out of me but I need to face things as it is. Please pray for me. A new chapter will soon open and I can't wait to share it with you. Sure it will be a learning experience for me. Let's not jinx it.

I don't know how to properly end this post. Till the next post. 😊
(Sorry sa mga errors. All mine. Hihihihi)

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