Even before, I like writing down stuff, planning things ahead (nope, I am not choleric), making to-do lists yet I always end up accomplishing nothing. None of which was 100% effective for me. For two consecutive years, I had weekly planners from Starbucks. To be honest, I was not able to religiously update it from time to time. I barely write on it. I only used my planners for special dates and occasions but not on daily basis because: 1. I always thought that when writing on planners/journals, handwriting must be so neat and legible. 2. Planners and journals must be artistically done. Those were just few of the reasons why planners and journals were not meant for me before. 

Though this 2017, I wanted to have another planner from Starbucks but I was not on the mood to collect for stickers. I admit, the planners leveled 100x. Design and freebies wise. It still did not buy me. My last resort was the planner from C&S Design (Design Your Life). The designs are from chic to classy. Again, I did not buy one. It seemed like I cannot find the perfect planner for 2017.

I do not have a planner this year, instead, I have three journals. Yes, three.

FILM JOURNAL. I got the idea from twitter. Boom! The idea stuck. Align with that, I had a new year's resolution to watch 20 or more films in cinemas. I have a thread on twitter to keep track of my goal. I search on instagram and twitter for film journals but I see only few. If you know someone who does film journal, I'd love to know her/him. Recently, I'm so into films. Especially Filipino Indies. I've had wider appreciation and understanding of the PH cinema. All thanks to Cinemalaya.

On the journal, I include all the necessary details. Few people behind the film, awards, when, where I watched the film, short review either by me or written by people online (don't worry, I give proper credits), favorite movie stills, and some lines/quotes that I won't forget.
Here's a spread for I'm Drunk, I Love You. You guys know how much I love the film. This spread is my best by far. I even included a plastic wrapper of the butterball. Those who watched the film would understand the butterball thing. 
PERSONAL JOURNAL. Of course, I should have something personal. I don't update it daily. I do when I feel like to. When I'm stressed and needed an outlet, it helps a lot to write my heart out. Included are unforgettable experiences, events, moments, and things I should not forget years from now. It is where I spill the beans. 
Above is about one of the best days ever. Why was it one of the best days? I just saw Paulo Avelino in person. Surreal. Til now I couldn't fully figure out what I was feeling that time. Everything was like a dream but it was not. I blogged about it, though. You might want to read the full story here. 
RANDOM JOURNAL/WEEKLY PLANNER-ISH. I got this craft-covered A4 notebook ni Daiso Japan for 88 pesos. First I did not have any idea on what will I write on it. It's like a scratch for my two other journals. I layout my film spreads before finalizing, I write my weekly to-dos, check lists, and all that stuff. Basically an all-in-one notebook. I think it's good I have a scratch notebook because I get to lay things first before putting them into actions. 
Basically, I titled it Get Shits Done because I write whatever I needed to do, some important notes from school, and yes, just plain shits. Then it became a weekly planner-ish. I spare a page every month for a run down on what I have to do within the week/month. It's very much helpful. I'm not joking when I say everything goes in order when you list the things you have to accomplish. You won't feel "shet! dami kong kailangan gawin!" when in fact, there's only few! You just gotta learn how to manage your time and set deadlines for yourself.

This blog post is kinda late. It's already the end of the first quarter of the year. Hihihi. I hope you got something from this post! My goal is to keep up with these journals whole year round! 

May I ask, do you keep any journal or planner too? I'd love to see them! :D 


  1. Whoa you're so creative, Lei! I really like your aesthetics since the beginning. Continue to make more artworks! :)