Of Kung Paano Maghiwalay, Geofilter, and other things

I am not supposed to publish another post this week. I'm just too happy. Plain happy about this day. You'll know why in the latter part of this post. Anyway, I'll just dump everything here.

1. Kung Paano Maghiwalay
Last Sunday, we watched KPM in Pineapple Lab, Makati. We were invited by my brother because he works in the production. #Perks. I consider it as my first ever play that I've watched. I mean, I was able to watch Alice In Wonderland during our field trip and it totally bore the heck out of me. Note: Some were sleeping during the run! That's how boring it was) I definitely would love to watch more in the future, though. Hmmmmm.  I'm bad reviewing anything so to put it, I liked loved it. If you are interested in watching, visit their Facebook page.  Last two shows on June 9! 
Kung Paano Maghiwalay is a theater piece that brings to light the univesal theme of love. Unfolding in a non-linear manner witht the different characters caught grappling and confronting the dissolution of the relationships, the play captures moments when break-ups happen. From the hysterically funny to the clinically nonchalant, the play captures snapshots of relationships disintegrating, emotionally threaded by the pathos, anger, and pain of breaking-up like a symphony that fractures into rippling movements, a tribute to the loss of love and painful confrontations to truth.

2. Snapchat Geofilter Approved!
This is it. I wasn't expecting it. After almost a year (exactly 11 months today), it finally got approved!!! This is my second snapchat geofilter and I cannot be any happier! If you want to see my first, it's here. I sent it four times before it was approved by the Snap Team. It took 11 months! It might not be the best but at least I tried. The first one was approved July 6, 2016, and this one, June 6, 2017. 6 must be a lucky number for me. If you guys are from Gen Tri, please tag me if you're using it. YAY!!! Thank you Snapchat team.

Shallow it may seem, it made me kinda believe that if you want something done, you push it. Even how many times you are turned down, there are so many chances left and you gotta take chances. It might take a while but it'll be all worth it.

3. Shop My Bookshelf 
I'm trying to tidy up my room and leave more space for my other stuff. I thought of selling my books because I don't read them anymore. I'm saving up for something, too. Help a friend out, hahaha! I want them to have a new home and it might be you. I'd love to sell them to those who really like books and would properly take care of 'em. Those books are good as new, plastic covered, no folded pages, no highlighted text, book spine is not damaged nor deformed, some are not even read, slight paper discoloration. If you are interested, you can check this page I made. Prices are negotiable. Please contact me here for more info.

4. Face Lift for Le Blog
Whenever I feel so uninspired and so close to shutting down this blog, I find myself scrolling on Etsy. Finding for another perfect template, searching for another reason why I should continue. Heck, there are plenty of good templates! I like designing my blog more than writing blog posts, ok. I totally enjoy the process of customizing and finding the perfect fit. It was not an easy decision to choose from one theme to another. I liked Monroe first. I kept on previewing it! That's how much I liked it. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon my current theme and I fell in love with it more than Monroe. You know what's best? It is compatible with blogger's template designer! I don't have to go bits by bits in its HTML code. Another thing, it's a 3-in-1 pack. I love me some grid + one column theme. Oh, the 10% discount! Who would not want to save some bucks right? I'm totally loving the theme. The owner is very helpful too! I had one issue and she was able to solve it herself without me getting through anything. How awesome is that? What do you think of my current theme? Any glitch? Please let me know. Thanks :)

5. Blogging frustrates me. I love it anyway. 
Minsan ang hassle rin no? One of my biggest frustrations with blogging is the entire writing process. I have a bunch of ideas in my head but I cannot seem to put it into words. How hard is that?! Do you also struggle with the same thing? Any tips to get those ideas into writing? 

6. Grammarly
I recently discovered this tool that aids me with my grammar. English is not my primary language. I don't even speak English at home or in school. Though I must say it is improving. Unlike before, I had to translate my thoughts from Tagalog to English. But now, I can think in English (naks improvement hahahaha) All thanks to blogging. I somehow force myself to use the language. That being said, I still commit grammatical errors, wrong spelling, and all that. With the help of Grammarly, it checks everything, suggests possible alternates for words, enhances writing, and eliminates grammatical errors. Grammarly is very helpful. I recommend it. 👍

While writing this post, I realize there are so many things I should be thankful for. Even the smallest of things, they do matter. What are you thankful for?


  1. If I could buy one of your books, I would, but I can't sorry :( I love your new design. I'm somewhat a "blog design enthusiast" (haha doesnt exist) so it excites me to see someone's new blog design. Anyway, I understand the blogging frustration, unlike you however, I am running out of ideas though I still want to make my blog better.

    With Love, KANDICE

    1. I would love if you'll be the one to get the books but I understand. I'm slowly accepting the fact the these frustrations will always be there. We just gotta learn how to keep up. Believe me, more ideas for your blog will come in time! :)

  2. I've been using Grammarly for almost 2 years now. What I like most about it is that it explains why you need to change the words or phrases. Aside from Grammarly, I also use hemingwayapp.com to check the readability of my articles.

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    1. It's very convenient to have these kinds of applications to help us in writing. I've never heard of hemingwayapp, though. Yeah, that's one thing I also like about Grammarly. It explains things and you also get to learn & not just correcting the mistakes.

  3. Getting your snapchat filter approved is so cool! I think I'll try using Grammarly, it seems like a really helpful app :) Kung Paano Maghiwalay has a really interesting concept, it's too bad the last two shows are tomorrow.

    yuki, solivagantic

    1. Grammarly is very very helpful! You definitely should try it. KPM is really interesting. I hope it had more runs or maybe more in the future. Thank you for dropping by!

  4. Such beautiful photos, so dreamy and haunting! I love your blog design too :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  5. So sad I missed Kung Paano Maghiwalay! One of my batchmates from college performed here and I've heard really good reviews. Will make sure to catch it next time (i think they'll have a re-run!) :D

    And yes for grammarly! Love love love this app!

    xx jhanzey.net

    1. Please watch if they'll have a re-run! It's super worth it. Grammarly has been saving me from embarrassments hahahaha! Thanks for dropping by! :)