November has been pretty busy for me as well as the previous months. I haven't been noticing how days went by so fast like a whirl wind. I mean, it's already November? and I haven't updated my blog for like three months already?! Promise, I have a bunch of drafts waiting to be published but I think publishing them now is very irrelevant already. I don't know. I have so many things to accomplish especially this month. College applications are piling up, papers needed to be submitted. But hey, I ain't complaining. I honestly enjoy the process of it all (besides all the stress it gives me). Hay, I don't know what this post will be. This probably will be rambles of anything and everything.

Besides all the stress, I'm still very thankful that I get to squeeze in shoots despite my busy schedules. It's a kind of breather for me to do what I love, at least. I'm not complaining because even how tiring a four or seven shoot was, I'm grateful because there are people who are willing to shoot with me and that's enough for me. I'd like to thank my group of friends who has been supporting me from the start. 

I never thought I'll be able to juggle all these—research, quarter exams, requirements, application, folios. I found myself managing my time properly which is a good thing. No more cramming! I finally understand the use of time management and what being productive really means. Like, last week, I only had one day of weekend to do everything and thankfully, I was able and it was all because of proper time management. 

I'm not yet tired. Even there were days I feel burning out again, I was able to bounce back and get myself together. There are (and will be) days that are so much for me to take. I mean, it is the reality. You just gotta remind yourself that there's not fucking time to waste. Still, I have people around me who have been keeping me sane these past few days. Ahhh, I don't know what to do without them.

If there's one thing I miss right now, it is watching movies is cinema. Very random. My last was last October. I miss the cinema and watching alone. I just want this month to end and get a life again. And oohhh, I forgot, remember the 20 films in 2017? I already achieved it!!! Here's a thread of the films that made it to the list.
I realized that you'll never get tired of what you're doing as long as you love whatever it is. No matter how tedious it may be, it doesn't matter as long as you have your full heart on it. And that's what November for me is. It never came to me that I'll actually like being busy as long as I can properly manage my time. So to not ending up ngarag and regretting what I put myself into.

I'm leaving everything here! If you want to read more of my rants (hahahahahaha!), you can follow me on my twitter or see more of my works on instagram! Thanks.

and oh, if you're up for a shoot, hit me up either on my instagram or twitter or email! (as long as the locations are accessible hihihi!)



  2. I'm so happy for you! That you are able to use your time so wisely. The words "no cramming" seem to not happen in my life, I think I'm actually quite good at not getting things done, sigh. Congrats on being able to watch 20 films this 2017!! As for me, I've probably only watched less than ten, but like a hundred on kdramas. I saw your photographs in Instagram and they're so goooooddd! I really loved the black and white photo you posted recently. It makes me want to shoot with you because everythings so beautiful but aghhh I'm sadly not photogenic.

    I hope the rest of November goes well for you :')

    yuki, solivagantic

    1. Hello, Yuki. Sorry if I replied 3 months late :( I hope I can shoot with you soon. I'm looking forward, though. I've never watched any K-drama because I know, for sure, I'll get hooked and I'm preventing it already hahaha! Thank you so much pala for the kind words! I hope you're having a good time :)