Where did you purchase your theme?

I bought it on etsy. It's from Syncboost!

How to customize my own blogger template?

I started from scratch. Meaning blogger's simple template. I searched for pegs, tutorials, applied it, and ta da! You could also search some resource codes.  I promise every code that you need to make your personalized template is available on the internet! You just gotta search, search, search and be patient! You'll learn along the way.

Here are some websites that can help you on tweaking your own theme:
W3Schools - from CSS, HTML, jQuery and JavaScript, from basics till the complicated stuff you can find here. I highly recommend it.
JQuery Web-Source - a list of JQuery codes for your needs. Almost all the basics of JQuery is listed on the page.

Can you help me?

Yes sure but I can't do everything. Just send me a mail and we'll work on that! :)

Domain provider?

It's from godaddy. I got it for less than 300/year. Tip: subscribe for 2 or more years. You'll save a l o t.

Current pegs?

Minimal design and solid and pastel colors

DSLR or Point-and-Shoot?


Where do you edit your photos?

Photoshop CS6E and Lightroom 5.5

What filter, saturation etc. etc are you using for your IG?

I use VSCO but not filters. I use it to adjust the elements. Here's what I do: I process my photos either with PS or LR first then VSCO.

How do you white wash your photos?

Read it here. I made a post.

Tips on improving feed?

Read it here. Hope it helps.

Do you own those thumbnails (photos)?

Yes and no. Some are just stock images: creative use, anyone can use it for anything, some requires link back. You could see the difference if the photos are just stock or owned.

Links please

At the moment, these are just the resources I can remember:
Life of Pix
If you still have some questions not listed above, reach me through ASK.FM

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